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A transmission fluid leak may occur due to various reasons such as:
  • Damages from road debris
  • Due to excessive heat
  • Problem with air conditioner condensation
  • Damaged torque pump
  • Misaligned or deteriorated transmission pan gasket
  • Worn out rubber seal

It may not be easy to identify the cause of the leak. However, our technicians are well-versed in identifying the source of transmission fluid leaks and repairing them quickly. In addition, our experts will ensure to prevent the leakage issue from recurring. So, when you need long-lasting solutions, reach out to our team for expert assistance!

Wiegand Brothers Transmission Service has been a trusted name in the business for over 40 years. If you experience any problems with your transmission system, we offer a comprehensive range of transmission services at affordable prices. Our certified technicians are well-versed in transmission diagnosis, transmission repairs, transmission rebuilds, transmission fluid change, and more. So, you can consult with our specialists for fast and reliable transmission repair and maintenance solutions!

The transmission fluid contains red dye, which gives it a red color. It was designed to make it easily noticeable when there is a transmission fluid leak in your vehicle. In addition, the red color will help you quickly identify when you are low on the transmission fluid and need replacement.

A rebuilt transmission can make your system as good as new, depending on the quality of service. It can also save you money by minimizing the need for frequent transmission repairs. Your vehicle’s condition and performance also significantly impact its value. Thus, if you plan to resell your car, you may get a high trade-in value if your vehicle has a well-performing transmission system.

If the transmission fluid is not changed regularly, sludge may build up in your engine. As a result, it may reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. In addition, your gear may not be able to shift smoothly, feel heavier to change, or get stuck. Eventually, it may deteriorate your engine’s internal parts, leading to expensive repairs. Thus, timely transmission fluid replacement is essential.

When a transmission is reconstructed, it is usually constructed using new parts and a combination of old ones (which were in good condition). How long it will last usually depends on various factors such as quality of the rebuild, skills of the technician, quality of the parts, condition of the transmission system, and your driving ability. On average, it is usually expected to last somewhere between 30k– 50k miles. However, with exceptional upkeep, careful driving, and quality craftsmanship from a professional, it may last for as long as the original transmission system.

Different manufacturers may include instructions regarding how often the vehicle may need a transmission fluid change. Thus, you may need to refer to the manual for your vehicle model to check which type of transmission fluid and how often it needs to be changed. However, you can simply consult with our mechanics for reliable recommendations for regular transmission fluid change.

Yes, a transmission rebuild can significantly extend your vehicle’s lifespan. In addition, your system’s performance will improve drastically after the transmission rebuild service. However, it is crucial to ensure regular repairs, maintenance, and transmission fluid change to maintain the efficiency of your system for a longer lifespan. Aso, reckless driving and putting undue strain on the transmission system may wear it out sooner than required.

The best way to know when your vehicle needs a transmission fluid change is to regularly visit the service center for vehicle servicing and maintenance. However, there are also some other signs which may indicate that your vehicle needs transmission fluid replacement, such as:

  • If the check engine light is activated
  • If your vehicle makes weird noises (such as roaring or screeching noises)
  • If you have issues accelerating or parking the vehicle due to improper breaks or gear shift

Your Transmission system may encounter various problems and require some transmission repairs overtime to work properly. Following are the common signs that may indicate something is wrong with your vehicle’s transmission:

  • If the gear slips too fast, even with slight pressure;
  • If the gears require more pressure and prove challenging to change;
  • If the gear becomes loose and shifts by itself when driving;
  • If the transmission makes strange grinding or clunking noises;
  • If there is a leak in the transmission system;
  • If there is a burned smell coming from the transmission.

You may need to get a transmission inspection by a professional to know whether your system may need transmission repairs or transmission fluid change. Most minor problems can be fixed with a simple transmission fluid change. However, some issues such as transmission leaks, defective solenoids, damaged seals, or damaged parts may require professional transmission repairs.

Transmission damages may occur due to various causes such as:

  • Not changing transmission fluid regularly
  • Dirty and clogged transmission filters
  • Neglecting clutch issues may lead to transmission damages
  • A transmission leak may occur if sharp stones or debris from the road gets inside the system
  • System overheating
  • Internal problems

If you suspect any transmission damages, immediately reach out to our certified professionals for expert assistance!

A transmission fluid inspection is usually conducted when you bring your vehicle for regular servicing. During the examination, the technician will check several suspensions linkages and pivot points such as:

  • Checking antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
  • Inspecting the engine air filtration system
  • Drive belt (also known as Serpentine belts)
  • Examining the brake fluid reservoir in the engine
  • Check and lubricate Chassis (if needed)
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